BiodIS, K-State’s Biodiversity Information System, is a collaborative project to expose information associated with the University’s natural history collections to a diverse group of users. Based largely on the Herbarium and Museum of Entomological and Prairie Arthropod Research, BiodIS is a portal for users of all ages and fields who have an interest in or need for biodiversity data, including taxonomic, geographic, and ecological information, accompanied by a variety of digital resources.

BiodIS is a partnership between the Division of Biology, the Department of Entomology, and K-State Libraries, and is supported through a Targeted Excellence grant from the K-State Office of the Provost.A�Additional and related funding has been provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF DBI-0544980), the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS MA-05-11-0077-11), Kansas State University, Kansas NSF-EPSCoR, and the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station.

The Herbarium and Entomology databases utilize Specify 5.2.3 databasing software, and the BiodIS presentation interface utilizes ??N??�???�?? 24 web portal software.

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