BiodIS, K-State’s Biodiversity Information System, is a collaborative project to expose information associated with the University’s natural history collections to a diverse group of users. Based largely on the Herbarium and Museum of Entomological and Prairie Arthropod Research, BiodIS is a portal for users of all ages and fields who have an interest in or need for biodiversity data, including taxonomic, geographic, and ecological information, accompanied by a variety of digital resources.

BiodIS is a partnership between the Division of Biology, the Department of Entomology, and K-State Libraries, and is supported through a Targeted Excellence grant from the K-State Office of the Provost. Additional and related funding has been provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF DBI-0544980), the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS MA-05-11-0077-11), Kansas State University, Kansas NSF-EPSCoR, and the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station.

The Herbarium and Entomology databases utilize Specify 5.2.3 databasing software, and the BiodIS presentation interface utilizes SilverCollection web portal software.

Search the database collections here:

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