New Web Interfaces via Specify — Herbarium

October 20th, 2010  |  Published in herbarium

The web interfaces for the herbarium database and built with SPECIFY 5.2.3 have been updated as of 10/19/2010. All data are current to that point in time. We are going to keep this interface alive until the BiodIS interface via SilverCollection can be updated regularly. Bryophytes and Vascular Plants are handled in the database in two different catalog series. Although I would like to include both series the in the same search, the series have overlapping catalog numbers and this creates problems for the online interface (some of you may have noticed that already when you call up detail on a specimen). Here are the new direct links: [Vascular Plants] [Bryophytes]

I hope to keep these links stable (through updates) from this point forward.  But in case you forget, the current links should be available via the herbarium’s database access web page ( . I tried to link up images in this new interface but it didn’t work and the Specify team is through with supporting ver. 5.x.

Also, note that all of our TYPE specimens are now in the database and most are now imaged. I will soon publish another Specify interface like the others but with “…/SearchTypes” as the link. At that time, I will give directions on how to link up directly to the photos that are on the web. In case you are already looking and you happen to find a type specimen in the database. The following link format based on the catalog number will get you to the image:

Using the link is a little tricky since leading zeros in the directory structure collapse as you see in this example (I’m sure someone could figure out a simple way to convert any barcode).

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