Digital Resources

Flora of Kansas Download [pdf: 14.9MB]
-Frank C. Gates, 1940
Annotated list of the plants of Kansas: ferns and flowering plants, with maps showing distribution of species.

Flora of Wabaunsee County, Kansas Download [pdf: 113MB]
Masters Thesis of Pearl Maus, 1928, K.S.A.C.
A documented flora for Wabaunsee Co., Kansas, under the direction of F. C. Gates. A thorough snapshot of plant life in the northern Flint Hills from that time period. Her specimens still reside in the herbarium at Kansas State. Maps of localities for each species often give greater locality detail than is on specimens.

Genera of Grasses of the United States : with special reference to the economic species
-A.S. Hitchcock, 1920
The complete resource for grasses in the United States, this monograph catalogs over 1,300 species in 169 genera from specimens compiled from the U.S. National Herbarium collection.

Grasses in Kansas Download [pdf: 179MB]
-Frank C. Gates, 1936
Annotated list of the grasses in Kansas, with maps showing distribution, line drawings and some photographs.

Guide to the Bark and Ambrosia Beetles of Kansas Download [pdf: 19.6MB]
-Glenn A. Salsbury, 2004
A key to the bark and ambrosia beetles of Kansas, with maps and photographs of specimens.

Guide to the Grasshoppers of Kansas Download [pdf: 57.2MB]
-Glenn A. Salsbury, 2002
A key to the grasshoppers found in the state of Kansas, with photographs of specimens.

Kansas Weather and Climate [pdf: 7.5MB]
Kansas Weather and Climate was published in 1942 by the Agricultural Experiment Station of Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences in cooperation with the United States Weather Bureau, Department of Commerce. It is 108 pages and includes Kansas weather information from 1887 to 1940, presented in tables, graphs, maps, and figures.

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses
The Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses web site was created in 1996 and has grown into a resource containing more than 6200 identification photographs of 850 species of forbs, grasses, sedges, and woody plants found growing in Kansas. Wildflowers are arranged by color and by time of flowering sub-divided by color.  There are separate indexes for grasses and sedges, rushes, ferns and related plants as well as common name and scientific name indexes.

Key to Native Perennial Grasses– Midwest Region East of the Great Plains [pdf: 75 MB]
Guide of native perennial grass species found in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and eastern parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.

Manual of the Grasses of the United States
-A.S. Hitchcock, 1935
Key to the grasses found in the United States.

Native Prairie Hay Meadows: A Landowner’s Management Guide [2MB]
Published by the Kansas Natural Heritage Inventory of the Kansas Biological Survey.

North American Species of Agrostis [pdf: 11.0MB]
-A.S. Hitchcock, 1905
Systematic key of the species of the genus Agrostis that are found in North America.

North American Species of Leptochloa [pdf: 6.61 MB]
-A.S. Hitchcock, 1903
Systematic key of the species of the genus Agrostis that are found in North America.

Trees in Kansas [pdf: 180.7 MB]
– Frank C. Gates, 1928
Guide to trees and shrubs in Kansas, with climatic adaptations, plans for planting, photographs, and both summer and winter keys to identification.

Weeds in Kansas Download [pdf: 46.3MB]
-Frank C. Gates, 1941
Covers a broad array of Great Plains herbaceous species including native and non-native grasses and non-grass herbs that were classed as weeds. Although some of the scientific names have changed, the taxonomy was well-researched by Gates, the curator of the herbarium from 1919 to 1955.

The Weevils of Kansas: A Manual for Identification Download [pdf: 316.3MB]
-Glenn A. Salsbury
A key to the weevils found in the state of Kansas, with distribution maps and photographs of specimens.

Wild Flowers in Kansas Download [pdf: 129MB]
-Franks C. Gates, 1932
Guide to 450 of the most abundant wild flowers found in Kansas, with line drawings.